About project

The collection of works entitled „The Mark of (Non)Presence” is a graphical interpretation of the state of presence as an ambiguous and multidimensional term. The phenomenon interests me especially in the virtual sphere. The starting-point for the works were the most common and primal human traces – fingerprints. The object that triggered this association was a smartphone, which is a tool used for contact with another person – today mainly used in the Internet space, and the use of it is mainly

through fingers. The form was developed using a hybrid method. The stains and shapes in the form of my fingerprints, made with ink beforehand, were scanned and transformed into small graphic forms measuring 12cm x 6.8cm. Ultimately, the works are digital printouts supplemented in details with slagmetal. The printouts are placed on dummy smartphones, which have a symbolic meaning to me. All works are placed in nine square, spatial frames, measuring 28cm x 28cm.